Hi, I’m Sandy
the Small Business Marketing Coach.

I’m an unusual blend of SEO copywriter, web designer and small business marketing strategist, who’s fascinated by how the world works.

I read books about cognitive science and behavioural economics for fun, because I never get tired of finding out what humans do the things they do.

I look at SEO and web design from the perspective of a copywriter, and business from the perspective of a freelancer who’s had to work hard to build something from nothing to fully booked, because she needed to pay the bills.

In my done-for-you service business at sandytaylor.com.au, I work as a copywriter on some projects, a web designer/developer on others, and both, on projects where it makes sense to do so. The variety is what makes me love my job more each year.

Staring at a blank page isn’t fun, whether you’re trying to find words to fill it or colours to decorate it. I hated the feeling, so early on, I found ways to move forward on projects for my freelance and solo business clients, when they didn’t know what they wanted or needed themselves, but I needed to get the project over the line.

The people who became my friends along the way were other copywriters. Many of them were better writers than me and I was lucky enough to learn a lot from some very clever and generous people during the five years I was in Kate Toon’s Clever Copywriting School.

Most of them knew didn’t know a lot about design, building websites, marketing strategy or how SEO worked outside their copydeck. I was able to explain those things to them in a way that made sense to me and they said made sense to them.

I got such great feedback from them about how my way of looking at digital marketing helped them, that I decided to see if other copywriters, web designers and small business owners would benefit from a way of looking at marketing for a solo business client, that’s logical and easy to understand. And results in websites and copy that clients end up saying “sounds and feels like them.”

So, welcome to The Small Business Marketing Coach.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be introducing a few different learning options from short ‘what-you-need-to-know’ online courses to longer programs.

Sandy x