The A’s to the frequently asked  Q’s

Who are the courses for?

Freelancers, soloists, entrepreneurs and small business owners. In particular, people who run one/ two-person businesses that are based around the knowledge/skills/qualities of those people. The businesses could sell services, products or a combination of the two.

For example: Copywriters, bookkeepers, developers, designers, editors, accountants, personal trainers.

Can I do the courses whenever I like?

The self-paced short courses can be started whenever you like.

The 5-week accountability program will run four times a year over a 5 week period in the middle of the Australian school term.  Leave your email address here and I’ll let you know when we’re taking enrolments again.

How do I enrol?
How do I pay for the course?

To keep the administration of this course as efficient as possible, payment is only accepted by credit card. 

What's the story with the payment plans on the 5 week course?

I’m a firm believer in saving up for things until you can afford them.  But I also know that if your business isn’t firing on all cylinders you may not have a little nest egg that you could draw on, to get things moving.

To solve this chicken and egg problem, I’m offering a common-sense solution in the form of a payment plan for anyone who needs it.

It’s not a subscription or membership, just five equal payments with the first one when you enrol and the fifth one, five weeks after that.


Do you offer refunds?

I’m a reasonable person. A refund may be considered in exceptional circumstances (death, plague, famine) but other than that, probably not. Having said that, if you are genuinely unhappy with the course you are welcome to get in touch with me as in that case, you probably have things to say that I need to hear.