Create an actionable marketing plan for your small business,

one logical step at a time.

Individual self-paced short courses

that combine to create a marketing plan, made-to-measure for small business owners like you.

All successful endeavours start with a plan, but the traditional plan you’ll find a million variations of when you Google “marketing plan”, just don’t cut the mustard for solo or freelance businesses. Not by a long shot.

A small business isn’t a separate living entity like a corporation. It’s an ethereal creature that exists as the shadow of its owner, moving as they move, changing shape with the light. The traditional view of marketing isn’t creative enough to consider a relationship like this, but it should be, and I’d like to start changing that.

Virtually every small business I’ve worked with in my web design and copywriting business, has started out paralysed by indecision, but the process we’ve followed together has given them a new way to think about marketing, that has nothing to do with projections and statistics.

Over time, I’ve broken this process down into a series of logical steps that are now available in self-paced, short courses that can be followed to produce a plan for marketing your business.


Six modular, low-cost courses

that can be started and completed separately, as you work on the different parts of your business.

There are never enough hours in the day when you’re building a small business. I know, I’ve got two of them plus two kids, two horses, one semi-rural property and a very patient husband.

The key to getting things done is to break big tasks down into small, bite-sized chunks. The thrill of completing one small chunk, motivates you to start the next, improving your chances of success.

These courses can be started at any time, and completed within 12 months.

COURSE #1 How you make people feel

COURSE #2 How your ideal clients want to feel?

COURSE #3 Branding to create an emotional response

COURSE #4 Language for clarity & conversion

COURSE #5 Be visible in the right places

COURSE #6 Stand out from the crowd