Digital creatives, like web designers, copywriters, graphic designers and photographers who work with freelance or solo business clients, are often faced with projects where the client doesn’t seem to know what they want or need.

These clients come looking for help after going around and around in circles, full of doubt about how they’re ever going to stand out from the crowd compared to all the other people out there offering similar services, many of whom seem to have their shit together. Whereas they’re pretty sure that they don’t.

They desperately want to make a go of their little business but they can’t see what that’s going to look like for them. They keep looking around for inspiration from other, more established solo business owners but unlike maths homework, a marketing strategy isn’t something you can copy from someone else.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help them find out?

The reason that people will choose to use your client’s services are completely different to why they will choose to use someone else’s.

Even if they both write copy or build websites, or charge less or charge more, or live around the world or right next door. The reason that people will choose to use your client’s services are likely to be ones that your client will be totally unaware of and the people who are most likely to find them irresistible, are ones your client works with already but probably considerers not important or sexy enough to be a proper target audience or the ideal client avatar that Amy Porterfield keeps telling them they need.

The ideal client for them, could be the nuisance client that nobody else wants to work with, but for reasons they haven’t considered, is exactly who they’re meant to serve.

It’s about knowing the right questions to ask

Figuring out how to stand out from the crowd to the people who will be attracted to you, who you like to work with and who it makes good business sense to work with, isn’t difficult if you know what questions to ask.

Using this information to create a brand or the various elements of a brand, is a process that follows a different path to the process traditionally used to create a big business brand.

Become someone who understands how to create profitable solo business brands

If you’d like to be able to write copy or build websites or design logos or take photos for freelance or solo business clients, that will elicit comments like “that feels exactly like me, only better”, or “I could never have imagined I could look like that”, why not join our free online community for digital creatives that’s about everything to do with marketing for very small businesses and start learning with us?

And even better than a set of complimentary steak knives

The bonus with this way of thinking, is that the same thinking that you will learn about for your client work, can be applied to your own freelance business, to help you attract the types of clients who will see the value of working with you, and be happy to pay you for it.